My Philosophy: it’s not a diet –
it’s a lifestyle.

I’m Savannah Miller,
but most athletes know
me as Coach Sav.

I’m Savannah Miller,
but most athletes know me as Coach Sav.

I’m a retired NCAA D1 Athlete and former collegiate coach who has combined athletic experience with nutrition expertise in order to help individuals reach their fitness and health goals.


Nutrition has the power to enhance your everyday performance OR inhibit it. Food directly impacts physical, emotional and mental well being!

Personally, this is something I experienced as a collegiate athlete. I struggled with proper fueling and chronically low energy levels that resulted in developing an unhealthy relationship around food. Fortunately, through my undergraduate nutrition degree, I learned what my body needs to function optimally for performance and long-term health. I also learned and experienced the importance of intuitive eating and intuitive exercise (listening and trusting your body’s hunger and fullness, and exercising to celebrate your body!).

As an athlete, I always understood the performance-enhancing benefits food had on the body, but it wasn’t until my younger brother was hospitalized with severe Crohn’s Disease + Ulcerative Colitis (an inflammatory GI disease that affects your entire digestive tract), that I realized nutrition determines the longevity and quality of your life. Working together, I became his advocate & helped him change his lifestyle habits to stay in remission and get off his medication. After spending years researching the gut, I decided I wanted to go back and become officially licensed. I wanted to have the knowledge on how to work with anyone (any fitness state, any diseased state) and have the education to back up my practices so I could provide the best care for others (like I would my own family).

These past couple years I have been fortunate to work with and help a wide range of individuals (athletes and non-athletes) improve their performance, increase energy levels, and develop a personalized nutrition plan to support their lifestyle and long-term health!

With today’s marketing + media being so misleading, it’s hard to know what is “healthy” and what our body REALLY needs to perform at its’ highest capacity (physically, emotionally, mentally) long-term. What I am trying to say is- if you feel confused or overwhelmed, it’s not your fault, and I don’t blame you!

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists are trained experts in nutrition with over 4 years of medical science classes (Bachelors Degree), 1200+ hours of supervised practice (Dietetic Internship), the passing of the national exam (Licensing) and the maintenance of continuing education credits (CEU’s). A dietitian should be your go-to for any nutrition related questions!

a surfer, pizza lover & workout advocate! (even if it’s just 20 mins).

ps. you are the greatest project you will ever work on…
enjoy the process & don’t stop until you’re proud.


Everyone’s body is unique and in need of different nutrients based on various factors (such as age, sex, activity level, sport etc…).

The goal is to create a harmonistic relationship with nutrition and form sustainable routines that compliment your day, as well as improve your energy levels, immune system, happiness and all-around performance at school/work/sport etc.

I specialize in taking a holistic approach to build you a solid foundation of sustainable lifestyle habits that upgrade YOUR life and promote lifelong health.

Full Disclosure: nutrition can feel overwhelming and you are not alone… give yourself some credit. You being here means you pay attention to your health and you’re already moving towards your goals.



RD/RDN: Board Certified Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics / Commission on Dietetic Registration

Accredited Dietetic Internship completed through Utah State University with rotations in the Greater San Diego area (including: Kaiser Permanente, Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista School District, UCSD Medicine, Edgemoor Hospital)

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree in Nutrition and Food Science + Dietetics from San Diego State University.

Certified Dietitian Nutrition Coach


Savannah​ has provided education sessions, one-on-one counseling, individualized meal planning and more for: Olympic and professional athletes, DI and DII collegiate programs, and high school athletes.

Prior team nutrition talks include: China National Swim Team, San Diego State University Swim and Dive Team, USA Zones Diversity Camp, Class Aquatics USA Club Team and Manta Ray Aquatics Club Team.


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.
Sports Performance, Cardiovascular Health and
Wellness (SCAN).
Dietitians in Integrative & Functional Medicine (DIFM).


Four Year Division I Athlete for San Diego State University, NCAA competitor, 2 Year Team Captain.

University of California San Diego Assistant Swim Coach, La Jolla Masters Swim Coach and multiple club programs in San Diego.

This is NOT:

a quick fix "diet", juice cleanse, weight watchers or 30 day supplement program

for individuals unwilling to emotionally, physically, and financially invest in themselves, their health goals and their happiness

a "one size fits all" meal plan and generic weight loss program

This IS:

a lifestyle change requiring physical activity, accountability, and mindful eating

for individuals ready to emotionally, physically, and financially invest in their long term health, create sustainable habits, and openly receive support

personalized for individuals to enjoy the process of your health journey and receive the lifetime tools to sustain it

What it's like to work with me